About Shubham Homeo Clinic

Homeopathy is one of the oldest treatment process. Homeopathic Treatment is one of the safest process of medication which never harm body and suitable to everyone. Doctors often prescribe antibiotics for earaches, and yet, numerous studies have seriously questioned their efficacy. Many earaches are caused by viruses and allergies, for which antibiotics are not effective. One researcher analyzed 27 studies on the effectiveness of several antibiotics used in the treatment of otitis media. 

Homeopathic preparations are very effective for all kind of illness in any part of human body. The main objective of Dr. B.B. Mishra is to cure all type of illness without surgery of any part of human body. He only suggest homeopathy medicine and now He is able to cure fistula, complete deafness, breast cancer tumors, Common ear problems and others disease with their rich experience and expertise.

We are committed to propagate the Cause and Philosophy of the Noble Science of Homeopathy in the society for the benefit and interest of human kind under different spectrum like Sharing of Knowledge in Homeopathy , Guiding the New Comers in the field of Homeopathy and providing Treatment to the sufferings of human by means of Homeopathic medicines , so that the needy Patient may avail the Ultimate Curative Energy of Homeopathic medicines from their Home itself.

Homeopathy has a unique approach to the method of preparation of medicines called " POTENTIZATION " , in which the end result contains only the " DYNAMIC CURATIVE POWER " , devoid of any crude substance. By this special mode of POTENTIZATION , over 5000 homeopathic medicines have already been prepared from different sources and being used successfully. Hence homeopathic medicines with its ultra minute infinitesimal dose are Non - Toxic , Absolutely Harmless and produce a Safe and Sure Cure. These medicines are Dynamic agents influencing Vital Energy of human being , and are capable to release the required Curative Energy maintaining perfect Resonance with the Frequency of Disease.

Homeopathy is a Scientific , Logical , Safe , Quick and Very Effective method of Therapy. It is curative in True Sense by treating the disease from inward , from its root. The concept of Disease in homeopathy is that the Disease is a total dysfunctioning of mind and body , the disturbance of whole organism , the human being as a whole. The cause of illness is the Disturbance of Vital Force , Life Force , the Vital Energy of the body. Therefore homeopathy does not believe in giving different medicines for different affected parts / organs of body but rather give one single constitutional medicine , which will cover the disturbance of person as a whole. Homeopathy treats the patient as a whole and not just the disease. Homeopathy believes in Holistic , Totalistic and Generalised approach. Medical philosophy is approaching more and more to the conclusion that Homeopathy is Undoubtedly the Medicine of Future. 

Dr. B.B. Mishra


Dr. B.B. Mishra